Leading SEO Companies in Asia: Google Results?

December 3, 2008 at 3:53 am Leave a comment

It has always been standard operating procedure that if you claim to be a good SEO company your ranking should speak for yourself. A lot of people get fooled though. Some SEO companies would target keywords that has very few searches. Ranking in these keywords would practically be child’s play and they would use that to tell clients about their expertise. I’m not saying that ranking in long tail keywords do not count for anything because power keywords can be misleading. Start-up SEO companies with a lot of talent can get overshadowed by the big players because primarily of the website’s age.

Googling “Leading SEO Companies in Asia” taking off all the preferences and all the log-ins that would be associated with it would give you these results:

1. SEO Company Pakistan – seo company website
2. Lugman Technologies – press release
3. Great Business Planning – blog post on leading seo companies in asia

Even Google wouldn’t sort its index according to companies so it’s still pretty much up to the user’s discretion. Some articles may be more relevant to the key phrase than the actual company. So relying fundamentally on Google results isn’t really advisable.

So what do you expect really, from having the mindset of leading seo companies in Asia?

You expect flexibility. Promptness. Quality of work. You look for a company that would not only push you up in rankings for a competitive keyword but you would look for internet reputation builders. It’s making your presence known in the internet using the right methods and in the best light. Reaching the top would mean nothing if the links supporting your website would come from questionable sources or places completely unrelated to your craft.

No one has made a list of the leading SEO companies in Asia primarily because the industry is still very young. Studies on online purchasing and internet marketing are more prevalent and are considered more important for the meantime. But as the industry booms especially in this troubled time, SEO companies would soon get the recognition it deserves.


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