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SEO Writers should be Writers!

The best SEO Writers are those who are actually writers to begin with. It’s plain and simple logic. The sudden boom of monetizing blogging made every tom dick and harry claim that he is an SEO Writer. However, when you look at their portfolio all they ever did was make three or four blog posts raving about the movie they watched or their puppies. And all they could ever do is string incoherent words together, stuff keywords all around it and call it an SEO Article. That is usually the situation clients find themselves in. That’s why looking at the SEO Writer’s credentials is of utmost importance.

Getting samples of his work is not enough. You would want to see live accounts. Check how long that person has been blogging and the quality of his posts. With the internet it’s possible to view all these things. If the SEO Writer you’re planning to hire doesn’t even have functional online accounts in social networks then you know you’re in the wrong place.

The main component of organic SEO is to make everything naturally. Stuffing keywords on a blog post is unnatural and it doesn’t sound good either. The only thing you will get through incompetent “SEO Writers” is the banhammer from Google and a bad reputation. Real writers have respect for their craft and wouldn’t take their writing for granted. Integrating SEO is only an improvement to their craft. It’s like adding more icing to the cake. Writers wouldn’t allow themselves to produce something that they won’t be proud of so the logical thing for them to do is to incorporate the keywords as flawless as they can. The result is good content with a fairly good amount of keywords.

That is why I still say that SEO Writers should be writers to begin with. The values of writers should be instilled in the person first before embarking on SEO because isn’t that what SEO is all about? Enhancing content? Why would you cheat your way to search engines when you can make quality output and make money out of it?

Rank Racers employ writers with an extensive background in writing and instilled with the elements of style. If you want real SEO Writers, that’s the place to go to.


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A New SEO Company Emerges

rank racers seo company official website

rank racers seo company official website

It took a lot of effort but it’s finally finished. After a deliberate amount of planning, writing and designing, the Rank Racers Official Website is finally up. Search Engine Optimization has a new player in town to shake up the competition! I’ve been a writer all my life and an SEO writer for around half of those years. I’ve been working closely with Rank Racers through their projects which had been kept under the radar because the official website isn’t fully functional yet. Now that the website it up, we’d be expecting a lot more challenging campaigns that we would be more than happy to take.

Our team of SEO experts have been around the industry for a long time. Our team is composed of SEO Link Builders, SEO Writers, SEO Specialists/Strategists and SEO Web Designers. To create and promote a fully optimized blog that would reach top rankings, a harmonious play between all these elements is needed. A seamless execution while working closely with on-page and off-page optimization is needed for your campaign to succeed.

The unique thing about Rank Racers that separates us from other shady SEO companies is that our service is executed by real professionals. Real people and real service. That is what we advocate. While most companies hide the fact that they are using automated programs or bots to optimize your website, clients can rest easy knowing that with Rank Racers, you have a team of people doing tasks that require a whole team. You get the quality service that you pay for. Every campaign is treated differently too because we recognize the individual needs of the client. We strategize every campaign to suit your needs.

The Rank Racers Official Website is up. So why don’t you go ahead and check out this SEO company specializing in Organic SEO Services?

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